SMS Gateway Provider Indonesia

SMS Gateway Provider Indonesia

SMS Gateway Provider in Indonesia |Call/WA (+62) 81333900925. 

How many times people use SMS?

How many people depend on SMS services?

Indonesia is a huge country and has more than 260 million people. To improve SMS service, you should find the best SMS Provider in Indonesia.  

Today, SMS become major needs in doing business. You can create more engagement with SMS Gateway services.

SMS To Improve the Engagement

Data shown that most of customers (more than 95%) will check the messages they received. This condition proves that messaging is one of the best type of communication to keep your customers engaged, to build strong relationships, and to create loyalty.

SMS Gateway Indonesia
SMS Gateway in Indonesia

Indonesia has some SMS providers to choose from. There are so many factors should be considered. Two most important things are: quality of services and price comparisons.

Some Access Provided

We are the best provider of SMS Gateway in Indonesia. We provide you so many access, like dashboard web access, API connection, even SMPP connection.

There are 2 (two) options to fulfill your needs, such as SMS Masking and SMS Long Number. Just fix it with your company needs and tell us to provide in very short time.

Large SMS Capacity
Large SMS Capacity

SMS Masking will use Sender Id consist of maximum 11 characters. On the other hand, SMS Long Number will apply randomly.

Huge Capacity

The capacity of sending reached up to 10 million SMS per day for masking. For Long Number noted up to 2 million SMS per day.

Beside this, we also have LBA SMS. LBA is Location Based Advertising allow you to choose specific location to target for. Parameters could be for location, gender, OS support, revenue usage, etc. This services will be very useful for marketing promotion in very targeted location. Also for very segmented people.

Many Clients We Have

Today, we have so many happy clients. They are: Gojek Indonesia, Jasa Raharja Insurance, Gledex Cargo, Ananda Hospital, and so many government offices.

We are very welcome to invite us for presentation so that your company will have more detailed info according to our services.

Contact Us for Your Needs

For any inquiries, just contact us via:

  • Call : (+62) 81333900925; or
  • Email :

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