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Generic Sender Id for OTP – WhatsApp : 6285210066680

Generic SMS Sender Id is a great solution for those who want to send an SMS using Sender Id and no need registration.

This is a new need today for sending OTP (One Time Password) code. The main thing actually is our customers just want to have a number code via SMS.

As we know, some IT service-based companies located in abroad so that they does not have any formal legality in Indonesia.

Just to note that registration process required some legal documents such as Citizen Id Number, Business Identification Number, Tax Payer Registration Number, etc.

So, all companies that are abroad will not be able to get a Sender Id because can not meet formal requirement above.

Generic SMS Indonesia

For this reason, we provide the best solution for OTP needs by providing a Generic Sender Id that can help you to send OTP codes.

Integration via SMPP protocol and messages received by consumers will use Sender Id randomly.

For example, customer A receives an SMS with Sender Id “NewsToday”, customer B with Sender Id “Lucky Day”, and so on.

For Generic Sender Id needs, please contact us via WhatsApp. Just click here

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